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Flood Solutions


Revetment – Providing flood protection solutions
Revetment – Providing flood protection solutions
Revetment – Providing flood protection solutions
Revetment – Providing flood protection solutions
Revetment – Providing flood protection solutions
Revetment – Providing flood protection solutions



There are a multitude of flood solutions for protecting your property and this can be confusing. In order to simplify this and help you select the right product below is a summary of solutions and their applications. More information on each of these can be found in the PRODUCTS page.

Revetment is a specialist supplier of flood protection solutions and services covering a wide range of properties and wide-area issues. We work with partners to provide a one-stop-shop flood solution from assessing your flood risk through to the delivery of a solution.

It is important for us to work with a number of different product suppliers because we can then suggest the right products for your property and we are not tied to a single solution that others may try to shoe-horn in inappropriately.

Flood Barriers

These are slot-in or clip-on devices that temporarily give flood protection to doors, windows and air bricks. Some require the fixing of a permanent frame to the wall around the opening whilst others attach to the door frame or expand into the gap. In all cases you should consider BSI Kitemarked products to the PAS1188 standard first as these are the preferred option of your insurance company!

Air Bricks

Most are clip-on covers again with or without permanent frames. It is our experience that like the above door barriers those with permanent frames are much easier to fit. Don’t forget it is likely to be cold, wet and dark when you will be doing this and you don’t want to be searching for lost tools or fiddling with attachments. One cover that stays in place all the time is a Snorkel Vent that simply raises the air brick input above the 900mm threshold; simple and cost effective. Automatic solutions are available from a couple of suppliers but you MUST remember to do your annual maintenance or the first time you discover it doesn’t work is when the waters are arriving.

Off Property Flood Solutions

These are barriers that stand away from your property and can be used to protect gardens, car parks, industrial, commercial and retail parks, as well as larger industrial, medical and educational premises. Flood solutions such as Rapidam, Lift-up barriers and pallet barriers would fit into this category. All have their own merits and their use is dependent on the type of flooding and early warning available to you.


Internal tanking refers to the process of waterproofing your internal structure whether this is the ground floor walls and floor or subterranean cellars and basements. Our preferred flood solution is to use a rigid propylene structure that encloses the walls (and floors) and guides the water into channels where it is pumped outside the property.  This maintains the structural integrity of the property whilst making it warm and habitable. External Polyprufe™ solutions are available to spray onto the external surfaces of walls but this depends greatly on the type of finish you require on your property. It is more suited to commercial properties. We do not recommend any chemical paint or spray-on solutions as they tend to be rainproof only.